Monday, March 23, 2009

3 Free Books at AudibleKids

AudibleKids is offering 3 free audio books for children. The books are:

"Gordon" from Sesame Street is the chief story teller at, so I'm a fan just for that. He's the author of Ricky and Mobo!

If you have a listening center you need to stock in your classroom, downloading some of the cheap tracks for picture books would be an affordable way to get outfitted. Books on CD can be expensive but this is a nice alternative. Check out the great books in the 99 cent specials! The Skippyjon Jones books are in there (my favorite.)

Not a teacher? These audio books would be great to listen to at home! If you have the books already, you can buy the tracks to make your own listening center. Or you can put the tracks on a cd or your ipod to listen to in the car.

I'm a huge fan of this!

Found via faithful provisions.

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