Friday, April 3, 2009

Bare Books

Many young children love writing stories. Long before I could write well, I would staple art paper into little story books that I would write and illustrate. One of my favorite projects in elementary school was writing and editing a special story to put into a "Bare Book." We carefully edited our stories and typed them on the computer. We pasted the words into the books before illustrating them. Then they were put on display in the school library.

I have purchased bare books for my students to use as well. It worked best for us to choose one writing project (such as circle stories) to write in the books. Or you could have them choose their favorite story from writers workshop to edit and publish into a Bare Book at the end of the year.

The great thing about these books is they're affordable at only $1.75. You can buy book jackets to cover them as well, or just color right onto the cover. This would be a great way to encourage your child to write and create at home! I would have loved having some of these around to work on at home.

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