Thursday, June 18, 2009

Authors Week: Shel Silverstein

With a sense of humor like Shel Silverstein has, you know he's going to have a fantastic website, which he does.

Check out the "Let's Have Some Fun" section.
Here are some examples from the Kids Section.

Games & Puzzles: Matching titles to Shel's poems, memory, finishing Shel's poems correctly and also creatively, coded puzzles, and character names.
Printables: Cuttin' Kate Drawing and Activity Book (LOVE this, it has a wonderful reader's theater), make your own bookmark, and a poetry kit (word search, word finder, poetry puzzle, and more.)
Downloads: Screensavers and wallpapers

Much like the other sites I've highlighted this week, Shel's website has an awesome Teachers & Parents section!
There are several drawing, activity, and event kits! They include beautiful illustrations and activities rich with creative poetry and writing. I'm so excited to have found these kits. Please use them!! Poetry is a great way to help your child/students with their creative writing but reading it is also great for fluency!

Here's an example of one of the awesome activities in the National Poetry Month packet.

I hope you spend some time on Shel's site today!


  1. We love Shel Silverstein. Thanks for reminding me to visit his website. Author studies and websites are the best!

  2. I'm so in love with your author's week!!! I think I've saved every entry to look at when I have a bit more time to sit down. I didn't know all these authors had such awesome websites and such. LOVE IT!


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