Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Get it Done!: Ticket to Summer

Today's Get it Done! idea is another summer plan by the talented Stacy Julian. This time she used a tickets system to motivate her children to "get it done!" They earned a set amount of tickets for certain "jobs" and then were able to redeem them for sleep overs, going to a movie, etc. And she even added a way for them to use their tickets to "upgrade" their school clothes. LOVE that aspect. In fact, you'll be hearing some more about a little "school clothes" twist later this week.

I've done a ticket type system in my classroom before where the students earned tickets for activities throughout the week. One year I let them use the tickets to buy things from the class "store" and another year they were entries into a weekly drawing for picking out of the treasure chest.

Go to Stacy's blog and check out her "Ticket to Summer" post. And while you're at it, look at what she did for Summer 2007 too.

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