Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Week: The Games

We thought it might be helpful to show you some of the items in the shop and let you know how you can use them at school or at home while you celebrate Halloween.

Yesterday we already told you about Costume Party Bingo. It's simple so your kids won't have to spend a lot of time learning directions and rules but still fun for all. We love the cute little costumes.

You'll find those same little costume people on Costume Closet. It's a card game that can be played two ways. The first way is to print out two sets and play it like memory. Again, that's an easy game for young learners who just want to play! For a child who is ready for something a bit more advanced the game includes directions for an attribute sorting card game.The object of the game is to group 3+ groups of cards together with a like attribute such as "Wearing Hats" (like in the photo above.) The winner is the first to discard all of their cards.

Brand new in the shop is the game Witches Spell. It's a darling competitive spelling game. Players seek to add frog cards to their brew by correctly spelling short vowel words, all the while dodging poison apples! We think you're going to LOVE this one!

Ghosts in the Cemetery is a board game about those tricky hard and soft c/g sounds. Players race to cover three spaces on their board (tic-tac-toe style) with words that have the same sound, such as century, cemetery, and central which all have the soft c sound. The spinner adds action to the game with "put one ghost back" and "go again" spaces. This one is really fun!

We've also got two math fact board games. These are great because they are adaptable to your child's needs. They can be played with addition, subtraction, or even multiplication! Players roll a dice to move. They then use that number and the number on the space they make an addition, subtraction, or multiplication problem. If their answer is correct they stay where they are, if it's wrong they move back to their previous space. Trick or Treat uses single digit numbers and Spook Alley uses double digit numbers.

We are usually able to e-mail you the files within a few hours of ordering and definitely within 24 hours so you've still got plenty of time to use these before Halloween. Get playing some fun games!

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