Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Storytime--A Turkey for Thanksgiving

When I put this book out in my Thanksgiving box, my students aren't immediately drawn to it, but once I read it out loud it becomes a hot commodity! In fact, my copy is getting a little worn down. I may have to spring for a replacement hard cover!

Mrs. Moose is quite sad that they are the only ones without a turkey at their Thanksgiving table, so her heroic Mr. Moose sets out to find her one. Mr. Moose's invitation to the poor bird is quite sincere, but it sounds rather suspect. The children love to guess at a double meaning behind Moose's words, but it turns out Turkey is quite safe at this dinner.

This book is so fun to read aloud! Mr. Moose has some great lines about his intentions for the fearful fowl. When I add emphasis to some key words, little eyes get wide and I hear all sorts of murmurs. Eve Bunting does a great job pacing the joke so you don't get the "punchline" until the very end of the story.

Not only is it a funny book, but a beautifully worded one, as well. Ms. Bunting crafts the setting of a chilly November setting without being wordy. It's a perfect blend of description and action!


  1. We recently checked this one out of the library. when the librarian saw it, she was so excited. She was an older lady and said, "I used to read this every year for story time." I swear, she got a little misty-eyed. She must have had a lot of great memories of this read aloud! Great choice!

  2. We read this book every year at Thanksgiving. Teacher explains to the students this is her favorite Thanksgiving book and we don't hear a sound, the students predict what happening in the book and they never get it right. It's a fun book.


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