Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Toddler Tuesday: I am Thankful for Food

Last week we talked about ideas for teaching gratitude to toddlers. We started with being thankful for our body. This week we're talking about being thankful for food! Writing these lessons every week is making me excited for when my daughter (7 months) is old enough for these kinds of activities!

Some ideas for teaching your toddler about being thankful for food:

Book: Here is a list of kids books about food. Love The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

Song: Lots of darling food songs here. My favorite is Pop Goes the Popcorn!

Activity: Sorting game

If possible I think this activity would be great with felt food! It's cheap and easy to make. There are free patterns all over the internet and some great ones on etsy. (See bottom of post for links.) For this lesson the felt food would make the activity feel more hands-on.

Bugga Bugs Vegetables Felt Play Food Pattern

If you don't have any felt food, food pictures would work. I made up a quick page with a few food pictures on it that you can use. Download the food pictures here.

I would begin by talking about how food helps us grow and keeps us strong. We need food for our bodies so we can run and jump and play!

I would keep this activity very simple by only sorting into two groups at a time. The simplest sorting suggestion is sorting foods into two groups: "Foods I Like" and "Foods I Don't Like." While sorting it would be a great opportunity to discuss different types of food and the importance of trying new foods.


- Make some food together! I love this idea for making a simple english muffin pizza together.
- Dramatic play using felt food. Try playing restaurant!
- Taking food to donate to a food bank.
- Have a taste test activity. Let your toddler try some new foods. Offering it in a new way might be just the key to get your toddler to try something new. Muffin tins are always very popular with the toddler crowd!

Links for felt food and patterns:

- Blackberry Mountain
- Kid-n Around Creations
- BuggaBug
- Feltastic
- UmeCrafts
- Feltplayground

What food activities have you done with your toddler?

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