Thursday, December 16, 2010

December Book-a-Day 16: Llama Llama Holiday Drama

My students (and perhaps their teacher) have reached the point of December where they're tired of all the hustle and bustle of preparing and are ready to do some celebrating. I think we could all use a little Christmas break. Little Llama can sympathize...


Llama Lllama Holiday Drama is the newest of the Llama Llama books. There are only so many shopping trips, wrapping sessions, and decorating tasks poor little Llama can endure until it's just too much!

This isn't the best of the Llama books, but it still makes a fun holiday read. I'm sure most little ones feel the same frustration at some point during the Christmas madness! After all, how many stores should a kid be expected to visit without having some sort of melt down?


Couldn't we all use a holiday time-out right about now? Curl up with a good book or two and enjoy a pleasantly low-key Christmas moment.

I feel calmer just thinking about it!

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