Monday, September 26, 2011

Very Pinteresting...

Do you Pin? I'm like a Pinterest fiend. Clicking that "show more pins" button is like getting a little fix.

Ok, I'm not really that bad. :) But I do la-la-love Pinterest! Love it to the point that I'm finding it difficult to get to sleep at a reasonable hour. I don't suffer from Pinsomnia. I enjoy every minute of it!

But I can justify this time wasting because there are such good ideas--especially for school. I went and bought some rolly bins after seeing this brilliant idea from Mrs. Bond's Fantastic First Grade.

At first I was afraid it would take up too much room, but it ended up freeing a whole cupboard and then I can use the space on top as an additional shelf. Plus, all that holiday stuff is neatly stowed instead of a big jumble.

This idea from Sunny Days in Second Grade was a huge hit at my back-to-school open house.

I first saw this Lakeshore teacher organizer on Pinterest. It's made me so much more organized and totally worth $50!
This genius idea is from Clutter-Free Classroom. It's made it so much easier for me to know which of my dawdlers still haven't turned in their spelling. (Bless their hearts)

I actually used this idea from Hello Literacy in a lesson today.

I just copied the top part of the chart to start with and we'll add the "deeper connections" on in a few months.
I'm jumping into the Daily 5 this year, and it's seeing all the ideas on Pinterest that gave me the courage to give it a try. (Of course, I didn't make this decision until the middle of August, so I'm still not completely up and running but we're making progress.)

One of the first steps in the Daily 5 is teaching kids the steps to choose a "good fit" book. There are lots of cute posters on Pinterest like this one from Mrs. Hunt's Teacher Resources.

Or this one from Laurie Exner on Picasa.

Since I've got a pirate themed room, I wanted to go that route for my poster. I used the ideas from Pinterest and came up with this. You can download it here if you're also in need of a pirate themed I PICK poster.

I also taught my kiddos the I PICK rap which is cute even if it sticks in your head like a wad of gum.

I have a whole board of other Daily 5 ideas. I also have ones for math, literacy, science, holiday fun, general classroom stuff, writing ideas, word games, and vocabulary.

If you're not sure how Pinterest works yet, Em posted an introduction a few months ago. Truthfully that's how I figured out how to get the most out of Pinterest.

So get pinning!

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  1. Pinterest is SOOO AMAZING! And I am completely obsessed with it! So obsessed my husband even gets exciting when I bring him the laptop to show him something else that I want him to make! He loves building things...especially for our kiddos! :o))) I saw your blog on FB on Pinterest's site! Look forward to following!

  2. Wow....I would have love this when I was teaching! I could see how it could get crazy! Now its just recipes and decorating, and I have been falling asleep at my computer pinning lol!

  3. This post made it onto Pinterest's Facebook page! Yeehaw!!

  4. I love to pin!! And my husband loves the list I have for him too!! HEHE!!

  5. I just saw that first image on Pinterest and had to find the original source....I love it!

    Best wishes from a Pinterest addict,
    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me.

    PS I host a weekly Pinning party every weekend and would be honoured if you could link up this post! Happy Pinning.


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