Thursday, October 13, 2011

Daily 5--Work on Writing

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  1. Another post you gave a link to 'list choice' and commented no one seemed to be interested! Was that a template for lists? I am interested. I love you list for Thanksgiving and Halloween. I am teaching second next year and need to get my Work on Writing Daily filled with great opportunities for students to write that are away from Writer's Workshop. Let me know if you can send me that link? Thanks. Karen

    1. Hi Karen!
      You'll love Daily 5 with 2nd graders! The list file is just a copy of the clipboard picture with the 3 steps for writing a list. I can send it to you via email if you want (I don't know what happened to the file link...). My kids never did get very excited about writing a list, but I put it out every month anyway! I got really behind on my Daily 5 blogging. I plan to catch it up. You'll be able to read about it at our updated blog:


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