Saturday, December 3, 2011

On the 4th Day of Christmas...

Read about the 12 Days of Christmas booklet here.  

Teacher thinks she's a comedian!

Today we're making a riddle-filled flap book.

For this activity, each student needs a copy of the main page.

Students should cut around the outside dotted line.  That will leave them with a large rectangle.  Fold the paper in half on the thick black line.  Then cut each of the short dotted lines.

Everyone also needs a copy of the answers.  There are 2 sets to a page.  You know, fewer copies to make, right?

 Have the kiddos cut out the answers and try to match them to the correct riddle.  I tried to find riddles that 1-2 graders would have enough schema to understand.  Mine seem to do okay with these, so I think they'll tickle most kids' funny bones.

The pictures are glued underneath the flap, so make sure to stress not to cut the flaps while the paper is still folded.  Of course, no matter how many times you remind them not to you'll still have one that does it anyway.  Best to keep an extra copy on hand.

The pages can be found here.

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