Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween and Reading

Two Halloween/book ideas we're loving today:

- Books for Treats " Books for Treats is a program that encourages you to give 'gently read' children's books at Halloween instead of candy." We're teachers, so of course we love this idea. We're no scrooges, we think kids should still get candy at Halloween. But they'll get plenty of it and a great book will last much longer.

- The Book Fairy is an idea I heard about from a mom (can't find it anywhere online, sorry!) She has her kids fill a smaller bag with their favorite treats after they get home from trick or treating. Then they put the rest of their candy on the porch for the Book Fairy who trades the candy for new reading material. This is a great way for kids to have the experience of trick or treating, get to enjoy some yummy treats, and get some new books!

If you want to still give out candy, that's ok! But we thought these ideas were really great and worth considering if you were looking for something new this year.

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