Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kids Home Sick From School

Just saw this on the Scholastic blog and thought they were great suggestions for educational activities when your kids are home sick from school.
"Being sick is no fun...but learning while home from school can be! Francie Alexander, our Chief Academic Officer, offers these tips for keeping kids learning even while they're under the covers.

1. Curl up with a good book: Both for comfort and to keep learning. Your child will be getting smarter while getting better.

2. Listen to an audiobook: Too sick to read alone? With an audiobook, kids are still gaining vocabulary and comprehension skills

3. Look for learning-themed children’s TV programs: Great shows on PBS like WordGirl or The Electric Company – or Clifford for the little ones!

4. Play games: Word games and crossword puzzles are fun ways to get reading practice. Visual puzzles help younger kids with problem solving and spatial relationships."
We also suggest playing a game from Second Story Window! Read the rest of the article here.

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