Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Thanksgiving Classroom

We have a two day week next week. Not enough time to do much of anything. Monday I try and stick to the routine, but Tuesday is more laid back. I don't do a big party. Instead I pretty much just make use of all those Thanksgiving worksheets I was handed my first year of teaching. :)

I die-cut several turkeys and listed a Thanksgiving-ish activity on each one. I set a timer for 15 minutes, 20 minutes, etc. We go on with our day, but when the timer beeps we stop and I choose someone to pick a turkey from the basket.

We sing a song and read a story. We finish up any Novembery things I couldn't quite fit in. We pass the Thankerchief.

We survey ten people and graph our favorite Thanksgiving foods. I kind of thought this was a universal classroom activity, but this was about the only photo I could find!

We do some probability and if I'm feeling brave, we might make a yummy treat like these darling Pilgrim hats or one of these bazillion turkey snacks (even more here!).

I like to give the kids some little vegetable pictures to color and turn into patterns or we might make some pattern block turkeys.


We have loads of low-stress fun and the kids never realize they're doing (mostly) educational stuff!

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