Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Words--Turkey in Disguise

Considering the books I read to my class each November, it's a wonder any of them actually sit down to a plateful of turkey on Thanksgiving! No worries, though, they're still counting the days until they can savor mom's home roasted turkey goodness!

So far we've worked our way through:
[Click on the covers for more information about each book.]

We've seen turkeys disguised as snowmen, children, art models, Hollywood agents, and pizza delivery boys. Maybe I missed something, but I thought turkeys were rather dimwitted creatures. Oh well, let's not be bothered by fact--it's time for some fun!

Apparently there's a well established tradition of having children disguise a (paper) turkey as a Thanksgiving art project. I'm sad I've been missing out on this! Lynne shared these pictures from her class.

The kids made a disguise for their bird and then wrote: "Turkey? What Turkey? I'm not a turkey, I'm a ______. Maybe you should look at a _______."

So cute! I love the turkey gnome!

If you're looking for more turkey inspiration, check out this site. (Scroll down.) There's even a turkey rodeo queen! suggests a prompt for some undercover turkey writing.

This is a patterned writing activity for practicing nouns, verbs, describing words, and quotation marks. Each turkey disguises itself as another animal to fool the farmer. Make three columns on the board: Animal Names, Animal Actions, and Animal Sounds. Then brainstorm ideas.
This is an example:
I could be a ________. (pig)
I could ________. (roll in the mud)
" _____, ______," said the turkey (oink oink)
"Oh!" said the farmer, "It must be a ______!" (pig)
You can even toss in the song Five Fat Turkeys Are We.

I can't wait to try this out with my little turkeys! This guy is just begging for a new look, don't you think? You can download the .pdf from

But if your Thanksgiving disguise need run the other way, Designs With Heart has a pattern for making a turkey mask. If you try it out, just make sure to keep your running shoes on!


  1. One of my co-workers always does a similar activity and then she post them in the hall. It is always so fun to view all the different creative ideas the children come up with. :) joyce,visiting from waddleeahchaa

  2. I love this project! I do it every year. I send it home as a family project. They get so creative and they love it! I also have them do the writing part. This year I got a big foot and it is so adorable. I will have so show you some of the pictures of some of my favorites!

  3. Joy, we'd love to see them! Send us some photos!

  4. Um, I forgot to tell you...that first pic with the green thing that looks like a headband and the belt that looks like a heavyweight wrestling champ belt? Yeah. That's Michael Jackson. True story. :)

  5. Michael Jackson??!! Bwhahhahah!

  6. I've been trying to decide on some Thanksgiving books to purchase for our holiday "collection". You've mentioned some great turkey books!


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